If a player knows how the betting system works, it is much easier for him to calculate a winning move and place a bid with a pretext for a big financial result. There are more fans gambling on sports every year. But to stay in the win, you need to be able to make forecasts correctly.

What to consider when making a forecast?

To predict accurate results, it is not enough to know about the composition and condition of the teams.
Statistics: before the match, collect as much information and data about the game as possible. It is important to know about the results of previous sports meetings, the number of goals scored, the team’s place in the standings and how the athletes play at home and away. It is useful to monitor the relationships of team members with each other and the number of games in which they participate.
Dynamics of coefficients: see how the indicator changes. When the coefficient for a certain outcome decreases sharply, the quotes fluctuate. The player — the one who makes bids-must monitor how the parameters change.
Sports factors: you even need to know how the team is set up for the game, the mood and physical condition of the participants. It affects the starting line-up and the bench, and also how important it is for the players to win. Important: the analysis of the sports factor is effective only together with monitoring and statistics.

What algorithms are used in gambling?

For the analysis, you need to know the probability theory: the gambling algorithm is based on modeling, neural networks and much more.
Here are the popular football betting algorithms:

  • Imperfect chance: when gambling on sports, the bettor conducts an experiment with chance;
  • Statistical modeling;
  • Two-dimensional discrete distribution: mathematical calculation, but easy construction.

Also, in football, the methods of Jiri Lahvik are often used, who revealed the strategy which proposed a fuzzy model with genetic and neural tuning.
In basketball betting, the time model is very popular, which is difficult to build, but understandable. In tennis gambling, a mathematical algorithm is most often used: time series with neural modeling. It is used in live bids and it has more than 75% passability.

How to calculate the financial side?

The financial strategy in betting is more important than the game strategy. There are two directions in it: statistical and progressive. In the first case, the pot is distributed evenly regardless of the success of the sports bid. In the second case, you can use several strategies.
One of the well — known strategies is the flat game. The player takes a fixed bet of 1-3% of the amount allocated for the game. For example, a player has 1000 dollars, and each bid costs 10-30 dollars. There are other ways: aggressive (the rate is up to 3%) or chaotic (5-10%).