The main types of sports betting and their transcript

A bookmaker’s office is a company in which every adult person can bet money on sports events. Wages are accepted on both domestic championships and international duels in dozens of sports. Due to the huge line of events, it can be difficult for beginners of gambling to decide on the type of bet, so they need to be studied before registering with the bookmaker.

Long-term, pre-match and live bets

Depending on how quickly the outcome of the match will come, there are several types of sports gambling. They determine the rules for calculating the sports winnings in case of a player’s victory.

  • Long-term.
    Bookmakers make it possible to predict the winner of a tournament or championship. As a rule, such bids are characterized by high coefficients. For example, the favorite of the 2019/20 Champions League draw was the Manchester City team, whose bets on winning the tournament were accepted with a coefficient of 4.40. Chelsea closes the top ten contenders with a coefficient of 33.0, and Bayer closes the top twenty with 101.0. In the course of the competition, such indicators change, as the leader is being traced more and more.
  • Pre-match.
    They are accepted before the start of the sports match. If the stake appears 2 or more days before the event, such a pre-match line is called early, and less — late. The early line shows fairly objective coefficients. When placing a late line, the bookmaker pays attention to the number of sports bets from customers. If there are a lot of them, then to increase the profit, the office can switch the attention of players to other events, overestimating their coefficients.
  • Live.
    These are real-time bids that are accepted during the game. Their advantage is the high probability of an accurate forecast. Of course, in the course of the game, you can not place a sports stake on a clear favorite, it will be much lower. But the chances of winning remain.
    Bookmaker employees make analytical forecasts, according to which there are favorites and outsiders in most fights with different odds of winning. You can check some examples on Europa League betting odds page. It is assumed that the favorite team will win, but there are no guarantees. By gambling on a clear leader, the gambler minimizes the risks, but also reduces the size of the potential winnings.

Types of bets: ordinary, express, system

There are three main types of betting used in bookmakers:

  • Ordinary or single bid.
    This is the simplest and most popular bid among novice players, which consists in gambling on one of the results of the match. The client could bid on the outcome of the sports event, total, handicap and other options (more about them later). To calculate the amount of possible winnings, the wage is multiplied by the coefficient.
  • Express.
    This is a combination of several single wages at the same time. The total sports coefficient of the express is determined by multiplying the coefficients of the ordinary wages that participate in it. The main advantage of this type is the large coefficients, but if even one single bet in the express does not come true, the whole gamble loses.
  • System.
    Novice players often ask about what a gambling system is, because this type of betting is used quite rarely. The system is a sports combination of several express trains and can be of different types. The first digit shows the number of events in the express, the second-the number of games. Its advantage is considered to be an excellent combination of riskiness and profitability, because you would get more money than on single bets, and lose less than on express trains.

The most popular types of bets

Depending on the outcome that the bookmaker offers for a certain duel, the ordinary bets are of different types. The most popular types are:

  • On the outcome of the match.
    The user puts money on the victory of the first or second team, or on a draw. It is quite easy to predict the outcome of the match here, if there is an obvious favorite and an outsider, but there are also risks of losing. You could play on a double outcome of a match with lower coefficients, for example, on a victory for team A and a draw.
  • Handicap.
    The odds of gambling on a clear favorite are usually low, so they do not bring much profit. And it is quite dangerous to bet on an outsider. Therefore, you can place a bet with a handicap-an advantage or a lag of a certain team. Most often, the handicap is expressed in a win or loss with a difference in the declared number of goals, from which the handicap is with a plus, minus or zero sign. In the latter case, the gambler is returned the bid with a draw result.
  • Total.
    The gambler can try to guess how many goals the team will score: less or more than the declared value. You can also play on the exact number of points scored by a team or an individual player — this is an individual total.
  • Special outcomes.
    For the most anticipated matches, for example, the Champions League final, bookmakers significantly expand the betting line. Users can bet on the authors of goals and assists, the number of penalties and removals of players, the outcomes of individual halves, etc. There are also more complex options, such as total + match result.

Let’s summarize the results

Sports gambling is one of the types of gambling recreation, legal in most countries. The most popular are single wages on the outcome of the match, but with the help of a handicap and a total, you can minimize the risks and achieve more profit. You should carefully study the designations and deciphers in sports betting before registering: reviews, the proposed coefficients, the number of sports events presented, comparisons with other sites and other information.