Football and hockey, boxing and tennis? And why not add a little exotic, more precisely, aristocracy to your lines? Some betting enthusiasts generally prefer to choose non-standard types of sports for their lines, those that are traditionally considered the sphere of high society. Among these, such a beautiful sport as rowing is also called. According to analysts, here you can combine winning a decent amount with the aesthetic pleasure of watching intense competitions.

Where to find a rowing sport?

This sport is not very developed in many countries, or rather, it is not particularly popular. But in the West it enjoys a high status. They have been conducting competitions in canoeing for two hundred years. For example, every year the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford have been finding out whose crew is stronger in the so-called Royal Race since the first years of the XIX century on the Thames.
In addition, rowing is a constant participant in the Olympic Games. There are also the Championship and the World Cup, the Cup of Nations and various tournaments.

What does the rowing sport mean by itself?

Rowing is a diverse sport. Teams can also argue here, including the most popular “eight”, and singles. Rowing in a broad sense includes kayaks and canoes, rowing slalom and marathon, as well as a variety of types of rafting.
Often, the problem for fans of this activity could be the selection of a bookmaker. Unfortunately, this is not football, and not every day and not everyone has lines for canoeing. However, solid offices are definitely obliged to provide betting options for top events. And it makes no sense to get involved with muddy “one-dayers”l.

Tips to draw attention to

As always, the preparation of the betting forecast requires considerable attention. The work begins with studying the composition of those who participate in the competition. After analyzing the history of performances, especially the last ones, you should name the favorites for yourself. The main thing in betting is to remember, there can be no trifles: even champions have recessions, and experience does not always compensate for a drop in physical form. You should not ignore the discussions on the forums and the statements of experts, although, of course, this can not replace all your own work.

Nuances do not mean a loss

Each type of rowing has its own betting nuances. For example, in kayaking, there are rarely frankly unexpected results, everything is quite expected here. But extreme rafting or slalom always brings a lot of surprises.
There are not only many subspecies of this sport, but also many types of bets. Only the main bets include traditional options with a winner, a prize three (both simple and with an accurate distribution of places). For slalom or marathon, bookmakers often offer bets on who will leave the race. In general, it is only necessary to start, and then you can easily get carried away!